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Hello everyone, i feel really sorry for taking so long, i had another accident and i broke my arm.... so its taking me a lot of time to move it and make lineart and color stuff, i'm feel really bad because im so slow with your beautiful ideas and commissions, im working as fast as i can.
im taking some free time to rest my arm and then i keep drawing, doctor says  my arm will be back to normal maybe in december.
its a little bit hard for me to draw because it feels wieird when i took the pencil, so im really sorry, i hope you forgive me guys, im still working on your commissions, they will be ready soon.

but here are the bad news....

these are  the last commissions im gonna do,  once i finish all the slots i wont open commissions again so my arm can rest.... i will be uploading random and cool stuff anyway for you, but my arm need some rest if i want to draw fast again.

but hey, no worries, there will be drowning stuff anyway.

again, i apologize for all the bad service im giving to all of you.


1.- taken by :iconshaded-seraphim:
2.- taken by :iconkenji321:
3.- taken by :iconblueajah:
4.-taken by :iconrebiful: 
5.- taken by :icongreatswordsman:
6.- taken by :iconmegagundamman:
8.-taken by :iconwill-1066:

The limit of commissions per slot is 2

here's my pixiv account so you can follow me for more hardcore stuff:



Isolde and the perils of the dark sea
Commissioned by :iconshaded-seraphim:

His Oc Isolde being drowned and devoured by a mutant octofish, just to keep her awake inside its stomach and drown her again later
Drowning is magic finale
anonimous commission

Celestia starts to drown!, she gulps a lot of bubbles, screaming for help, begging for air as she coughs it from her lungs,  the evil air sucker quickly absorbs its favourite food... "female air bubbles" as he watches how the princess coughs and inhales water inside her lungs....... minutes later, the evil creature keeps playing with the lifeless drowned body of celestia.... she will be taken later to the laboratories to revive her and keep the torture session
Drowning is magic page 3
anonimous commission

the princess soon notices that she is about to reach to the surface, but suddenly she stops, the evil creature wrapped its arm tentacles around her and now she starts to reach to her breatholding limit.... sooo close and so far celestia....
Drowning is magic page 2
anonimous commission

she pulled deeper into the dark sea, she starts blowing bubbles as she tries to scream, suddenly the urge for air starts making her feel pain so she kicks the creature's face with strenght and swims back to the surface, but..... this air suckers are really dangerous beings......
Drowning is magic 1
anonimous commission

Princess celestia was teleported into the dangerous dark sea, where the infamous creatures known as "air suckers" live.
she started to swim faster, trying to find the shore to get out of this mess but  a wild creature appeared, pulling her underwater


Darkenrok's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Underwater/ armpit fetish artist

i do drownings, vore, quicksand, furry, hangings, any kind of fetish u v u

feel free to ask for anything you want on commissions…

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Thought all the time that I didn't pay yet for that comic I commissioned from you several months ago. But I did o.O
Please, give some life-sign...
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you do that please. I know you busy. OK. PS you are the best. 
nonofyabusines Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
Nice gallery, keep up the good work!
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This art is amazing, want to check out my profile ?
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Hi! I already checked tour profile, i see you are practicing faces and thats so good
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